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TEAL Webinar Video Recording

The video recording of the TEAL Webinar, presented by VicTESOL, is now available for Members.

Presenters: Dr Alan Williams and Ms Janet Saker

This webinar will introduce participants to the TEAL Project, an innovative e-based toolkit of assessment tools and advice for teachers of EAL students. TEAL provides teachers with a deep understanding of assessment for learning principles, as well as access to a bank of EAL-appropriate assessment tools and tasks, exemplars and work samples for Listening and Speaking and Writing. An online assessment tool for Reading is also being developed.

These tools and tasks will assist teachers to assess the English language development of their EAL students, and to align their assessments with the EAL Companion to AusVELS and the EAL Continuum. The project was commissioned by the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET), the Catholic Education Commission, Victoria (CECV) and Independent Schools, Victoria (ISV).

Link to the video: http://foedac.monash.edu/p8i9g5lycb5/

Link to the TEAL website: http://teal.global2.vic.edu.au/