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VicTESOL Symposium: Leadership

April Edwards

EAL Teaching, Learning & Advocating: What more can we do?


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We all act as Leaders in our role as EAL teachers, irrespective of our educational setting. Every day we strive to improve the social and academic learning of our EAL students.

Yet sometimes the sheer nature of an EAL teacher’s job demands impedes the strategic planning that will benefit our students across the educational setting. In this presentation, a range of simple and practical strategies were explored providing ways to raise the status of EAL learners and the staff that support them.

Using collaborative forums in the areas of strategic planning, curriculum development, online documentation and communication can aid every one of us to further the EAL cause in a variety of far-reaching ways; ways that can also benefit a wide range of NESB students and the teachers that work with them.