VicTESOL Resourcing and Networking Session

LMERC information can be accessed by clicking here.  Find out about the collection, services, loan periods and instructions for joining.

During your discussion, the time is yours as a group to use it in any way you see fit. The following questions are there to provide stimulus.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Introduce yourself, your school or institution, and one resource that you are looking for for your classroom.
  2. What resources have worked well for you in EAL classrooms?
  3. How did you use this resource with students?
  4. What resources do you recommend for reading, writing, speaking and listening?
  5. What multilingual resources have you found helpful?
  6. What LMERC resources have you borrowed and how have you used them?
  7. What suggestions do you have in terms of resources you would find useful for LMERC to acquire which you could then borrow?
  8. Share on the Padlet

Remember to share your resource suggestions and documents on the Padlet page. A link to this page will be provided in the email we send you the day after the event. Here is a link to the Padlet: