Recording – The Way Forward: How COVID has changed adult EAL delivery

Tuesday 19 October, 4:00-5:30pm (AEST)

Online Webinar

The arrival of the pandemic saw a fast and impressive pivot to remote learning for all sectors of EAL. But as we move our way forward into a new normal, has the pandemic led to a re-imagining of the future of adult EAL delivery? In this event, a range of adult EAL providers share their experiences and insights on the following:

How has their organization changed the way it delivers EAL programs?

How have they refined blended/remote learning?

What has worked? What hasn’t worked?

What feedback have they had – from students, from teachers?

How has remote learning changed the way they teach/view digital literacy skills?

What implications might these changes have for quality and assessment?

Most importantly, what permanent changes do they see moving forward to 2022 and beyond?