The new VCE English and EAL study design
Kellie Heintz

December 6 from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Kellie Heintz, as the EAL Curriculum Manager of the VCAA, presented a clear and insightful presentation on the flexibility of Units 1 and 2, building on earlier presentations around the new English/EAL Study Design. She offered a specific focus on Unit 1, Outcome 1 – Personal response – and how this outcome allows students to explore identity and the self in relation to the text of study through inferences they make around key ideas or events. For Unit 1, Outcome 2 – Crafting Texts she reminded us of the role of the mentor texts to introduce ideas. She provided multiple examples of mentor texts and ideas around the types of written texts students can create. Of note, she drew our attention back to the role of VCE teachers as having significant agency in Units 1 & 2 – that we can make decisions around offering a broad range of assessment opportunities that scaffold EAL students whilst developing their voice through writing, speaking and listening.

The presentation revealed the significant work Kellie and the VCAA have invested in listening to EAL students and teachers in the new design of these outcomes. A wonderfully clear and insightful session that supported planning for both VCE English and EAL teachers.



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