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EAL Writing Strategies in a Primary Setting

EAL Writing Strategies in a Primary Setting
Prachi Patkar and Selva Jayaram

22 February 2023 from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Prachi Patkar and Selve Jayaram shared a wealth of knowledge and insight into strategies that can be implemented within the learning environment to support the language development of EAL/D learners. This professional learning session focussed on EAL writing strategies in a primary setting. Prachi and Selve presented a range of effective EAL strategies to encourage and develop expression, understanding and analysis within language learning. The presenters emphasised the value and importance of investing in the development of writing skills to enrich and enhance a learner’s ability to engage with language deeply and effectively within the classroom. A balance of both theoretical understanding and practical strategies equipped the audience with a rich understanding of approaches to the teaching and learning process to support primary EAL/D learners to succeed and progress with their writing and to meet the linguistic demands of their classroom.



Prachi Presentation

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Selva Presentation

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