VCE Bridging EAL Units 1 & 2

24 May 2023, 4:30pm – 5:30pm, Online


On 24 May, teachers from two schools presented on VCE Bridging EAL Units 1 & 2 and how this course has been implemented in their settings.

Lucy Nguyen and Carlo Cosner from Mount Ridley Secondary College outlined the Bridging EAL study design and then detailed how they use the course to best suit the students at their school. The subject plays a key role in supporting their students and it is compulsory for all EAL students at the school to take the subject concurrently with EAL in Year 11. They demonstrated how this subject complements EAL Units 1 & 2 and English language learning across the curriculum and for practical purposes.

Rabecca Mphande from Hampton Park Secondary College then discussed the approach to the implementation of the subject at her setting. She explained the whole school approach to supporting EAL students and provided a number of practical strategies for supporting students’ language skill development in the VCE Bridging EAL classroom.

We are exploring the possibility of running further sessions in relation to this subject and providing opportunities for current and prospective teachers of VCE Bridging EAL to connect and we encourage you to contact us if this is something you would be interested in. Resources for this session are now available to members on the VicTESOL website.



Presentation 1 – Lucy Nguyen and Carlo Cosner

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Presentation 2 – Rabecca Mphande

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