Unit 3 and Unit 4 Exams
March 12 from 4:00-5:00 pm


In this succinct presentation, Kellie Heintz from the VCAA clearly outlines all 3 sections of the VCE EAL exam through an exploration of the links between the Study Design, the examination tasks themselves and how key skills and knowledge are developed and assessed through in class activities and more formal school-based assessment. She identified key differences from the previous Study Design with regards to final exam questions for each of Sections A, B and C and the role that scaffolded, collaborative formal and informal assessment tasks focussed on specific speaking, reading and viewing, writing and listening skills can and should be explored.

This presentation is a must watch for all English and EAL teachers working not only across Units 3 & 4 as it offers explicit connections between the social elements of teaching and learning, the macro skills and how they can be tied to formal and informal assessment practices.



Link to Exam Specifications, and Sample Exam Papers

Download (PDF, 1.16MB)