Part 2 – Choosing Culturally Diverse Literature Resource auditing and recommendation session with LMERC and SLAV librarians

Tuesday 15 September, 4:00 – 5:00 pm (Online Event)

In part 2, we discussed possible ways to audit your current text lists or collections, and give resource recommendations for you to consider introducing at your school or institution.

Jennifer Peck took participants through the resources available through LMERC, including lists of culturally diverse texts.

Stella Schools Manager Lenny Robinson introduced the audience to two resources developed by Stella Schools to support diversity in text selection: The Read Up Reading Guide, developed in partnership with the Victorian Government, and the Stella Sparks Reading Guide, one of several resources included in their Resource Kit for Stella Sparks schools program.

We then split into groups facilitated by SLAV and LMERC librarians who took participants through some resource recommendations. This part of the session was not recorded.

Jennifer Peck’s presentation 

Download (PDF, 5.18MB)

For information on Stella resources, go to their website –

Breakout Room Presentation Resources

6-12 year old readers– Raff Grasso

13-14 year old readers – Hope Do

15-18 year old readers – Erin Wamala

Download (PDF, 115KB)

LMERC text lists

Culturally diverse fiction K-12 list

Culturally diverse fiction -adults (EAL)

LMERC Suppliers list (Languages, EAL, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and culturally diverse fiction)


Prior to the session, participants were asked to read the following article – ‘Assessing and selecting culturally diverse literature for the classroom’ by Helen Adam and Laurie Harper (2016) prior to attending the professional learning event: Culturally Diverse Literature Professional Learning Series – Part 2: Choosing culturally diverse literature (Tuesday 15th September 4:00-5:00pm AEST).  

Download (PDF, 534KB)

Reference: Adam, H., & Harper, L. (2016). Assessing and selecting culturally diverse literature for the classroom. Retrieved from

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