VicTESOL Symposium Strands


Knowing what resources and services are available for EAL learners within the educational, local and wider community is valuable information for educators and benefits EAL learners. Finding out about resources can involve networking within and across a range of educational, professional and community organisations.

The symposium as a whole, and in particular this strand, aim to open up opportunities for EAL educators to network and explore the various TESOL and multicultural resources that are on offer within a range of contexts.


Formal leadership positions in EAL can be hard to find, and EAL leadership itself difficult to define. In this strand we will reflect on the nature of leadership and how it might present in the EAL context.

We will explore ways to take the lead, advocate for EAL students in various settings, guide other educators, and direct programs in order to effectively support the learning needs of EAL students, and discuss ways to connect with the broader community so as to facilitate successful engagement beyond the classroom.


Effective teaching and learning conditions involve culturally inclusive practices. These practices recognize the range of knowledge, skills, experience and values which EAL learners bring with them to the classroom.

In this strand we explore how educators acknowledge what learners bring in ways that shape their teaching and also prepare their learners for additional language learning both within and beyond the classroom.


Practices in TESOL are underpinned by theories of language and language learning. These theories not only support effective EAL classroom practice but also explain the ways in which we, as educators, view our own personal, cultural, and learning and teaching journeys.

In this strand we will explore where and how educators engage with theories and what that means for their practices within the classroom.

Early Careers Panel Discusions

This panel offers an opportunity for presenters and audience to explore aspects of early career experiences. A number of new teachers to EAL will give a brief presentation of their experience of entering into the teaching profession focusing on the who and what that became supports and enablers to aide the transition from study to work, or in some instances from other work to EAL teaching.

Following the presentation there will be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions, raise issues and offer suggestions as to what are some ideal models that educational institutions can put in place to best induct newcomers to the profession.

Panel Chair – Robert Colla

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