VicTESOL Symposium 2017

Resourcing, Stimulating and Supporting EAL in Victoria

There is a wealth of EAL knowledge, resources and materials available in Victoria. The aim of the VicTESOL 2017 Symposium is to (re) discover, share and build on this TESOL capital to support academics, bureaucrats, educators and students in their daily work.

This work may involve policy making, teaching and learning, advocacy efforts and community activities. TESOL capital in these symposium is made up of a range of human, material and digital resources. Collaborating and networking as EAL professionals assists us to draw on the funds of knowledge that we carry around with us.

Therefore, the symposium aim to not only highlight the TESOL capital the presenters showcase but more so the rich practices and knowledge of symposium participants.

The VicTESOL Symposium 2017 is now SOLD OUT!