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VicTESOL is a professional association committed to promoting excellence in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and supporting cultural and linguistic diversity through high quality multicultural education.

VicTESOL provides support and services to generalist, content, trade and EAL specialist teachers across the state of Victoria.

Recent Updates

Not just surviving, thriving! Preparing for your first year of teaching in an EAL classroom

Wednesday 28 October, 4-5pm Panel Discussion and Q&A Laurence Guttmann, Rosemary Abboud, Margaret Corrigan, and Julia Lippold Some resources that were shared within this session: Carringbush Education teacher training videos which are available at: https://www.carringbush.org.au/resources Foundation House: https://sifr.foundationhouse.org.au/ and https://foundationhouse.org.au/  There is an upcoming Calendar Professional Learning Session ‘Introduction to the Refugee Experience/Schools in for […]

ACTA Webinar: The Refugee Experience – Resources for Teachers

LMERC Resources (Languages and Multicultural Education Resource Centre)

LMERC information can be accessed by clicking here.  Find out about the collection, services, loan periods and instructions for joining.   This presentation was delivered by Jenny Peck at the LMERC Resourcing and Networking Event on Thursday 15th October 2020.       Participant contributions are available at: https://padlet.com/plcoordinator/3iljyoo41ykyuiq8

Culturally Diverse Literature

Stories are powerful. They shape the way we think about the world, ourselves and each other. The stories we choose to present to students at school, as teachers and librarians, profoundly affect how students perceive the world and their place in it. We want to help you choose culturally diverse resources that reflect students’ diverse […]

Preparing students for the VCE EAL Exam

Online Presentations and Discussion Rooms, Tuesday 6 October, 4-5:30 pm Naomi Weiler, Stephanie Georgiou, and Maria Papasotiriou Are you preparing students for the VCE EAL exam? Get ideas and strategies from three experienced EAL teachers and join us afterwards for small group discussions. Presenters Stephanie Georgiou has more than 18 years of experience in teaching […]

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