About VicTESOL

VicTESOL is a professional association committed to promoting excellence in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and fostering and supporting cultural and linguistic diversity through high quality multicultural education. VicTESOL provides support and services to generalist, content, trade and EAL (ESL) specialist teachers across sectors including:

Adult & community educationAMEPIndustry settings

VicTESOL aims to support teachers and students by developing and disseminating information that advances knowledge of what constitutes best-practice in education to students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
VicTESOL constantly advocates on behalf of EAL students and their teachers and keeps members informed of state and national initiatives and issues as they emerge, according to the association’s prescribed policy.

VicTESOL hopes to contribute to the development of educational policy that impacts support for EAL students and teachers. The distinctive educational needs of these students can be overlooked by policy makers and VicTESOL members actively participate in consultative workshops convened by state and national authorities to ensure that these students are well represented.

VicTESOL supports research into issues and practices that influence the educational outcomes and/or language learning trajectories of ESL learners across all educational sectors.

Contact VicTESOL

VicTESOL Association Officer
Clare Blackman
victesol [at] victesol.vic.edu.au

VicTESOL Professional Learning Co-ordinator
plcoordinator [at] victesol.vic.edu.au

VicTESOL Information

ABN # 21 237 277 032

Inc # A0024290V

VicTESOL does not currently have a mail address.

VicTESOL Constitution

VicTESOL is an incorporated association.  View the Constitution of VicTESOL below:


Download (PDF, 222KB)

VicTESOL Committee

At our AGM on Monday the 4th of December 2023, the following people were elected to VicTESOL Executive and Committee positions:

Executive Committee Members


Margaret Corrigan


Angela Di Sciascio


Adam Quayle


Carly Russo

General Committee Members

Manjit BhamralSimone CassidyMollie DaphneApril Edwards
Amelia GedyeJoanne Goodman Rebekah JonesDannie Wang

2024 Committee Meeting Dates

  • Committee Meeting 1: Thursday 15th February – 5:30pm (online)
  • Committee Meeting 2: Thursday 9th May – 5:30pm (LMERC)
  • Committee Meeting 3: Thursday 25th July – 5:30pm (online)
  • Committee Meeting 4: Thursday 24th October – 5:30pm (online)

2024 Annual General Meeting Date

  • TBC

2023 & 2024 VicTESOL members are able to access the 2023 VicTESOL AGM Draft Minutes by logging on to the VicTESOL website and clicking here.

Member Input

Members are welcome to attend any of the meetings.  Please contact victesol [at] victesol.vic.edu.au for details.

If members wish to raise any matters for discussion at Committee meetings, please contact the VicTESOL office:

victesol [at] victesol.vic.edu.au.

Executive Committee Contacts

If you need to contact the executive members directly

  • president [at] victesol.vic.edu.au
  • vicepresident [at] victesol.vic.edu.au
  • treasurer [at] victesol.vic.edu.au
  • secretary [at] victesol.vic.edu.au


TESOL in Context

ACTA publishes, TESOL in Context, one of only two current Australian journals devoted to issues related to TESOL.

TESOL in Context is available at www.tesolincontext.org.au.

Past issues of the journal are now openly available.

  • Volume 1 Issue 1 (1990) – Volume 26 Issue 1 (2017) are available on Informit.
  • Volume 27 Issue 1 (2018) and onwards are available in the Archives and on Informit.

Submissions for articles for future issues are welcome, click here for more information.


Department of Education

VicTESOL would like to thank the Department of Education Strategic Partnerships Program for supporting VicTESOL.

VicTESOL would also like to acknowledge the generous support of the Victorian Department of Education through the Common Funding Agreement (CFA).