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The Units of Work

Please note, these resources are not model units but rather examples of work that were planned for specific contexts and cohorts of EAL students. They are examples of classroom-based curriculum grounded by the teaching and learning cycle. It is important that teachers are aware of the prior learning, backgrounds, experiences, interests and learning needs of the students in their classrooms, and plan the learning process around these needs. This involves planning, assessing, teaching and reflecting on a unit of work to ensure that a range of students with diverse needs can access this curriculum. Gaining a deeper understanding of the teaching and learning cycle takes time and practice, and involves finding out what works and does not work for particular cohorts of students.

The resources are works in progress and will be modified in the future according to the needs of the EAL students being taught. We welcome your feedback. Please leave us a comment below, or complete this feedback form.

  • EAL Support in a Mainstream School. Years 7 and 8
    Paragraph Response: A Learning Scaffold
    Sample Text – Only 10 by Allan Baillie
    Annette Ambesi, Lauriston Girls’ School

  • Teaching the teaching-learning cycle to pre-service teachers
    Anne Keary, Kelly Carabott, Narelle Woods and Karina Barley (Lecturers and Teaching Associates in the Faculty of Education, Monash University)
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  • Mainstream Primary. Year 6, Level B2-B3
    Weather: Bushfires and Floods (Integrated Geography and English/EAL)
    Michelle Andrews, Preston North East Primary School and David Kezilas, VicTESOL
    This resource coming soon!
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