VicTESOL Symposium 2022

How much do language educators working in schools, Further Education (FE), not-for-profit organisations and universities really have in common? Can we really talk about the professional identity of teachers and their freedom for manoeuvre without addressing the kinds of organisation they work for? Is it enough to talk of curriculum-pedagogy-&-assessment, or does this mask systematic institutional differences that have a more profound influence on learning and teaching?

These questions are asked in the abstract of Ben Rampton and Mel Cooke et al.’s 2022 article Sectors and the workplace in language teaching: Differences, links and alliances?

The 2022 VicTESOL Symposium aims to examine the common ground between EAL teachers of all sectors, and explore what we can learn from one another.

The 2022 VicTESOL Symposium is NOW ON SALE!

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