VicTESOL Institutional Membership (5+ Practitioners) 2020

Rate: $460

This membership type applies to institutions that employ 5 or more EAL or TESOL practitioners. Up to 8 practitioners may attend VicTESOL professional learning events at member rates.

The membership is valid until 31/3/2021

Option 1: Automatic Renewal

When you register you will be charged a one year membership fee (If you register during March, payment will be processed on 1st April). This membership will automatically renew on 1st April each year unless you notify us regarding cancellation of your membership. An email reminder will be issued one month prior to renewal. Please notify us prior to 25th March if you would like to cancel your membership for the next membership period.

Option 2: Manual Renewal

You will be charged a one year membership fee. To renew your membership you will be required to go through the registration process again each year.


$460.00 now, and $460.00 on April 1st each year
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