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Engaging Low-Level EAL Learners in Online Learning – Resources Page

Luke Treadwell & Tanja Rykovska, AMES Australia Wednesday 18 November, 4:00-5:30pm AEDT Online Event This workshop was based on the premise that digital literacy is vital for living, learning, and working in contemporary Australian society and therefore needs to be a key feature as both a support and an outcome of any relevant EAL program. […]

Engaging Low Level EAL learners in online learning

Small group discussion questions: What are your experiences – good and bad – delivering online learning to your EAL Learners? What technology (ie, devices, platforms) and activities do you find are the most effective for your learners to improve their English language and digital literacy skills? How do you support your learners to learn and […]

VicTESOL Resourcing and Networking Session

LMERC information can be accessed by clicking here.  Find out about the collection, services, loan periods and instructions for joining. During your discussion, the time is yours as a group to use it in any way you see fit. The following questions are there to provide stimulus. Discussion Questions: Introduce yourself, your school or institution, […]

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Preparing students for the VCE EAL Exam

Online Presentations and Discussion Rooms, Tuesday 6 October, 4-5:30 pm Naomi Weiler, Stephanie Georgiou, and Maria Papasotiriou Are you preparing students for the VCE EAL exam? Get ideas and strategies from three experienced EAL teachers and join us afterwards for small group discussions. Presenters Stephanie Georgiou has more than 18 years of experience in teaching […]

Meet the Assessors – VCE EAL Exam

Glynis Rose & Rosemary McLoughlin Tuesday 11 February 2020, 4-5:30 pm, Online event In this session, Glynis and Rosemary provided feedback on student performance in the 2019 VCE EAL exam, including analysis of student performance in each section and examples of student responses. There were opportunities for participants to ask questions and gain valuable insight […]

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Using the Foundation to Level 6 Literacy Teaching Toolkit to support EAL learners

Yan Yao Choong, Department of Education and Training Wednesday 12 August, 4:00-5:00pm Click here to access the literacy toolkit: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/school/teachers/teachingresources/discipline/english/literacy/Pages/default.aspx Click here to the literacy toolkit map: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/Documents/school/teachers/teachingresources/discipline/english/literacy/literacy-teaching-toolkit-map-v4.pdf The Literacy Teaching Toolkit provides practical advice and high impact teaching practices to improve student outcomes in reading, writing and speaking and listening. In 2019, the Foundation […]

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Differentiation for EAL across the curriculum – Ruth Hibburt and the Geelong English Language Centre teachers and MEAs

This session was a practical workshop to assist teachers to modify programs and scaffold learning to assist EAL students to access the Victorian Curriculum across all subject areas. Participants learnt about engaging EAL learners, scaffolding essential vocabulary and making appropriate modifications to learning and assessment tasks. The session began with a short presentation from Ruth […]

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Teaching EAL learners online using video conferencing

To download an edited PDF of powerpoint: To download the resource links page: Victoria Butterfield, Voula MacKenzie, Heena Sharma, Panayiota Kai The Virtual EAL New Arrivals Program of the Victorian School of Languages (VSL) Tuesday 28 April, 4-5pm Online Webinar Are you faced with the challenge of teaching your EAL students online during the COVID-19 […]

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VCE EAL Listening to Texts – How to Teach and Assess

Listening skills are ones we all employ, both passively and actively, but how do we teach and evaluate them as part of VCE EAL assessment? In this session you will consider how to develop and embed valid EAL listening assessment into every outcome of Units 1-4 through the completion and analysis of an existing assessment […]

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Multicultural Classrooms – Plurilingualism in Practice Webinar presented by Janet Armitage

  Wednesday 4 March Functional Multilingualism/Translanguaging are currently popular terms being researched, discussed and adapted to diverse learning settings. This webinar was a practical response to the current interest in Translanguaging, suggesting ways this might look in EALD classrooms and what teachers might consider when developing Translanguaging activities. With the intention of bringing students’ linguistic […]